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Anonymous said: A lot of pro-choicers say that if you dont have uterus you should have no opinion on abortion. I have a uterus, but i cant have kids. I'm pro-life all the way, and all my pro-life friends (male and female) say everyone is entitled to an opinion, regardless of gender, race, religion or social status. But with you being a pro-choicer, and saying "no uterus, no opinion" where would that put me not being able to have kids


I’m sorry that you can’t have kids. However, that doesn’t mean other people should be forced through a pregnancy, simply because others can’t conceive. People who can get pregnant are not brood mares. There are plenty of children already in the system, waiting for a good and loving home.

You’re allowed to have an opinion all you want, but it becomes problematic when you feel like your opinion should somehow dictate what others can and cannot do. The pro-life opinion is oppressive, misogynistic and dangerous. People shouldn’t be forced to stay pregnant simply because others don’t like abortion.

- Emily.

Very well said, pro-choice-or-no-voice